1950 Series One 80in 2.0 lights behind grille


1950 land rover Series One 80in 2.0 lights behind grille for sale at motodrome

LYC 457 is an original UK RHD home market example, and is an older restoration that’s settled in nicely.

It’s quite a well-known car, appearing in a couple of paintings, and on various merchandise including mugs and keyrings etc.

Whilst being a 1950 example it should be fitted with the 1.6 engine, we’re told by the previous owner that it’s actually fitted with a pre-production 2.0 engine, as evinced by the engine number, which he checked with Dunsfold DLR.

The ugly aftermarket indicators are designed to be easily removeable, and at least the wings haven’t been cut to accomodate them.

It’s currently in our workshop for some fettling, including a brake rebuild, and for the indicators to be removed for photography. On sale soon