1953 Austin Champ 4×4 £14995

Motodrome are pleased to offer this interesting alterative to a classic Land Rover – a 1953 Austin Champ (FV1801a)

1953 Austin Champ 4x4 for sale at motodrome

The Champ was built by the Austin Motor Company for the British Army as a go-anywhere 4×4 vehicle, and with it’s Rolls-Royce B40 2.8 litre engine, 5 speed gearbox, and independent suspension all round giving outstanding cross-country performance, it was far more refined than it’s Land Rover contemporary. However in the 1950’s it was double the price of the equivalent Land Rover Series 1, and hence only 11000 or so were built before the MOD pulled the plug.

The Champ’s party piece (beloved of pub bores everywhere) is that, owing to the design of the transmission, it has 5 reverse gears as well as 5 forward, so strictly speaking it can go backwards as fast as it can forwards. However, this trick isn’t to be recommended!

This one, finished in nicely-patinated Bronze Green, served as 45 BE 90 from 1953 until being released from the military in 1962.

Whilst we can’t warrant it, the odometer reading of 34000 miles is likely to be correct, given these vehicles spent most of their life in storage.

It was first UK registered in 1965. Unlike today, it was common practice at the time to give vehicles a suffix number plate consistent with the date of registration, and hence this one has a C-suffix plate

The V5c registration doscument only shows 2 keepers since 1984

It is, of course RFL, MOT and ULEZ exempt, and is great fun to drive. As I’ve said, it makes an excellent value for money, refined alternative to a classic Land Rover or Jeep for trips to the pub, shows, or just pottering about. The Rolls Royce engine purrs nicely, and we’re told by the previous owner that the tyres are fairly new.

At the very bottom of the page, you’ll find a comprehensive walkaround video. We didn’t do a driving video as we couldn’t find anywhere to effectively mount the camera, but I can confirm it drives just as a Champ should. As you’d expect, it’s no sports car, but it feels unbreakable and that it could cross any terrain.

Viewing by prior appointment.

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