sell yours

Selling your pride and joy privately these days can, for some, be a daunting and potentially time-consuming task, for all sorts of reasons..

Motodrome are always keen to stock interesting or eclectic cars, but especially Land Rover Defender and Series models, as those are our core sellers.

We can buy your vehicle outright, and have it collected nationwide if necessary. Alternatively, we have great success in selling vehicles on a consignment basis, ie where we pay you once we have found a buyer for your vehicle. Cars stocked on this basis are treated and marketed exactly as our own cars, and securely stored.

Again, we can collect by transporter nationwide (but this time at your cost), but you generally achieve a better price from us than if we buy your vehicle outright, albeit it takes a bit longer.

We use proper consignment sale agreements so everyone knows where they stand

Please note we will not take into stock any UK-registered vehicle where a full and current V5c registration document is not available. If it’s ‘lost in the post’ or ‘I’m just waiting for DVLA to issue a new one’ then please sort it out before you offer it to us. This also applies to cherished number transfers – if you want to keep the registration number currently on your car, please sort it out with DVLA beforehand so that when the car comes to us, it has it’s proper number plates fitted and a new V5c to match.

Some of our recent consignment sale successes..

please contact us using the form below if you have a car that needs a new home, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.