we now have our own track!

Like many a boy growing up in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, one Christmas, Santa delivered me a Scalextric set. Ever since, Slot Car Racing has given me a lot of fun and enjoyment.

It’s one thing building a small track on the living room carpet and trying to outrun the family dog, but it’s quite another to race on a purpose-built permanent track with a bunch of like-minded aficionados.

There are lots of clubs up and down the country that cater for this, but I go to Farnborough Park Scalextric Club (previously known as Farnham Scalextric Club – the club moved from Farnham to Farnborough in August 2021 – the above link goes through to the old website which, until the coding elves have built a new website, will have to suffice)

The club is based 10 mins drive from Junction 4 of the M3 Motorway.

We race every Wednesday night from 7:45pm and we’re very welcoming to new members.

We have a permanently set up, nicely sized, four-lane track with timing facilities etc, race 8 different classes per night (so plenty of variety), and you’ll get 32 opportunities to win (or crash).

Like most clubs, we’re resolutely ‘old school’ in that we race analog cars not digital, and 99% of the time without magnets or brakes. Far more fun, if a little more challenging.

You don’t need your own cars or a controller (although if you get hooked, you’ll get more enjoyment out of racing if you do), and your first night’s racing is free. If you decide to come back thereafter, it’s £6.00 per evening and £60.00 annual membership of the club.

Most importantly, we don’t take ourselves, or what we do, too seriously. I’ve been a member of other clubs where it’s all a bit po-faced for me – FPSC isn’t like that at all. Slot Car Racing is supposed to be fun, and this club delivers laughs in spades.

You don’t need to be any sort of ‘expert’ or to be of a great standard to compete – as long as you can grasp the basic principle of slowing down for the bendy bits and speeding up on the straights, most people get quicker with a little practice.

If you fancy visiting, contact Graham Smith by email, or mobile 07910209707

Pay the club a visit – we’d love to see you on the grid!

Below you’ll find some videos of the club track in action – apologies in advance for the occasional robust language from some members…