1986 Land Rover 90 ex-military soft top 200TDi power £6495 SOLD

Motodrome are pleased to offer this 1986 example of the ever-popular Land Rover 90 2.5 Diesel, this one an ex- military softtop 12V  finished in IRR drab, which at some point in it’s life has been upgraded to 200TDi power with a proper Defender 200TDi engine. The opportunity to fit power steering was taken (presumably)  at the same time.  

land rover 90 2.2D ex military soft top 200TDi power for sale at motodrome

Specification etc

In six-seater configuration with seat belts for all seats

It’s fitted with a brand-new Exmoor Trim hood, matching set of 4 correct-spec Michelin 750×16 tyres,  military front bumper, NATO towhook, rear bumperettes, front light guards and snowcowl. .

Internally it has the military roll bar, civilian-spec Defender front seats with cubby box, bulkhead lowering bar, and twin benches in the back  making it a 6 seater

Mileage, MOT etc

Released from military service in 2002, it has an odometer reading of 282000kms (177000 miles) although this is largely academic given the engine upgrade.

The wing-mounted aerial boxes are removable if not to your taste (they just bolt on), but if they are, we also have the whip aerials for them.

According to the MOT database, it’s never failed an MOT on structural corrosion since the system went live in 2006.

It comes with MOT to August 2020.

 It’s  full of character, and is a well-sorted example in my opinion.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find our usual 2 videos: a walkaround appraisal, and driving impressions.