motodrome are pleased to offer this rather lovely WW2 Willys Jeep replica, finished in Olive Drab



For the avoidance of doubt, this is emphatically NOT a genuine Willys Jeep. We think it is a Jago Jeep (which generally, as this one, were built on Ford Anglia mechanicals – this one still says 1966 Ford Anglia on the V5) which may have been built to the standard shown by Dog Company Replicas of Newport in 2014. We have no proof it’s a DCR built example but the timeline seems right, and it does seem to have been professionally built.

It comes with all the kit shown in the photos and videos including tonneau cover and screen cover, and the radio (which is for display only)


Based on a Jago Jeep kit and mainly of fibreglass construction with ply flooring and reinforcement with metal support struts and bracing where necessary.


Ford 1300cc crossflow with 4 speed gearbox and rear wheel drive. Engine has had new Weber carburettor, electronic ignition, and timing chain replacement. Suspension, axles, steering and propshaft all from Anglia. New clutch and rebuilt front discs 2016


Comes with a big sheaf of history from 2014 onwards, and clearly has been loved and cared for. I’m not an expert on the real thing, but my workshop manager most definitely is as he has 2 genuine WW2 ones in top condition, and it gets his vote – he thinks it’s been built and maintained with great attention to detail.

If he ever parted with one of his real ones, he’d probably get just under 30k for it.in the current market. This one, be it replica, facsimile, or evocation, is rather less than that but still provides the fun factor. Driving it through Henley elicited lots of smiles and waves even before I switched the wing-mounted siren on…

On our own website, you’ll find our usual 2 videos: a walkaround appraisal, and driving impressions.

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