1980 Mini 95L van – fully restored £19995

motodrome are pleased to offer this utterly charming 1980 Austin Morris Mini 95L van, finished in Green with black interior trim

1980 Mini 95L van - fully restored, for sale at motodrome

The van variant of the Mini has a charm all it’s own, with the lovely features of early Mini’s such as sliding windows, external door hinges etc,  and, whilst still driving like the go-kart we all know and love, has the ability to transport 0.25 tons too.

This one however hasn’t done that for some while, and the load area is pristine.

It was fully restored in 2012/13 (we’re told it was a proper rotisserie restoration) and, aside from the superb paintwork, bodily it had, at the very least

  • New subframes
  • New front panel
  • 2 new wings
  • New inner and outer A panels and scuttle closing plates
  • New sills

Mechanically it’s 998cc A+ engine was treated to a rebuild, including

  • Rebored and refaced block
  • New big end and main bearings
  • Swifttune SW5-07 camshaft
  • RC40 exhaust with Maniflow manifold
  • Torquemaster inlet manifold
  • Duplex timing gear
  • New clutch and replacement refurbished A+ rod change gearbox

Clearly, from it’s underside condition, way more than that was done, and we have a lot of sundry bills from the same period for suspension, brakes etc.

It’s running 10in reverse-rim wheels and has had the appropriate MiniSport caliper conversion to accommodate this.

It has an odometer reading of just under 10000 miles which, whilst we can’t be 100% sure, seems to be what it’s done since restoration.  

We’re told it was then used until 2020 as a display vehicle for a Mini specialist, and spent most of it’s time in their showroom, but has been used for shows etc.

It looks superb, and is very lively to drive. Just as a classic Mini should be.

It is now, of course, RFL and MOT exempt.

It’s currently registered in our name, and we’re awaiting the return of the V5 from DVLA as we’ve just changed the taxation class to Historic. The description will be updated when the new V5 arrives.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find our usual 2 videos: a walkaround appraisal, and driving impressions, which form part of the description.

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