1967 Triumph Vitesse 2.0 convertible – project SOLD

Motodrome offer this as spares or repair –  a completely original 1967 Triumph Vitesse 2.0 Convertible.

It’s a genuine one lady owner from new example that has covered just 54000 miles.

Mrs June Varley bought it new from our local Triumph dealer in 1967 and kept it all her life – apparently it was her pride and joy but as she got older it was used less and less, but always garaged.

She gave up driving it due to age in 2011, and the Vitesse was parked in her garage. She passed away last year and we were asked to recover the vehicle from the garage prior to the house being sold.

Sadly over the intervening decade and a bit, the garage roof began leaking and finally collapsed, which meant the Vitesse has suffered badly from being poorly stored, and in my opinion will now need complete restoration.

This is a genuine non-overdrive Mark 1 convertible, not a conversion from a saloon.

Please don’t ask what’s the chassis like – I haven’t looked – but suffice to say a) the doors shut properly so it doesn’t appear to be sagging in the middle, and b)  we had to attach a rope to the nearside rear outrigger to extract it from the garage, and it didn’t snap off..

Bonnet may be saveable with some work

Engine doesn’t appear to be seized as the fan blades can turn

Bulkhead seems OK from what we can see

Interior is complete but has been home to mice, and the laquer is flaking off the wood due to damp storage.

Hood is OK if faded, and the hood cover is in the boot.

Certainly the front brakes are seized on, so you’ll need a pretty powerful winch to load it.

I think it deserves a proper restoration – how often does a 1 lady owner 54000 miles original and unmessed with one come up?

vehicle is only available via eBay no reserve auction starting 20.00 2nd June 2022 and lasting for 10 days – the item number is 225014010531