1967 Lambretta SX150 special £5295

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motodrome offer for sale this rebuilt  1967 Lambretta SX150 special, finished in Yellow and Black, and coming with it’s original JAM number plate too…

lambretta SX150 special for sale at motodrome

Specification, history etc

This one has an amazing provenance. Having owned an SX150 in the late 1970’s as a teenager, in September 2016 the last owner bought an SX150 frame and engine, and various parts, with the intention of fully rebuilding and recreating  one  to the colour scheme etc that he’d owned 40 years ago. He still had some paperwork etc from his original ownership in his loft, and was amazed to find when he’d checked the frame number etc that the frame he’d bought was from the very same scooter! It had been derelict for years and had lost it’s original registration number, but after various representations to the DVLA using a VMSC dating certificate and the original paperwork he had in his possession, DVLA finally awarded it it’s original JAM 24D registration number.  

It underwent a total refurbishment using best quality parts, with no expense spared, topped off with a full repaint back to it’s late 1970’s colour scheme.

It has the following upgrades:

  1. Electronic ignition
  2. 185 Barrel kit with new crank

It’s done minimal mileage since being finished.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a walkaround appraisal video.